Parkerize, vintage classic hot bluing, custom Cerakote and KG Gun Kote all done in house.


Nearly 40 years of gunsmithing experience spanning the spectrum from private sector to US special forces.


Licensed to sell and transfer Class 3 items such as full auto, short barreled rifles and suppressors.


In house fiber laser capable of engraving metals and polymer. Surface etch, deep engrave, serialization, barrel caliber marking, company logos and other detailed art work.


Rifles built with industry leading components and precisely machined to ensure accuracy and reliability. Custom 1911s hand fit by master gunsmith.



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1266 FM 407, Suite A
Northlake, TX 76247

We are located 3/4 miles west of I-35W on FM 407, directly behind the North Texas Church of Christ.


Thanks @fullmag.official for allowing us to team up on this project. Pretty sick turnout…

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19 years ago I walked out of my first period art class to a chaotic, high school hall way. Someone went running down the hall saying “Washington was on fire.” It was high school, who knew what that was supposed to mean or if it was even true. I went about my business in the hall, joking around and laughing with my friends. In the middle of a bit of laughter and making fun of a friend, I got pushed into someone. I turned around and found myself nose to nose with my head football coach. I noticed he had tears in his eyes. He saw my light mood and laughter and was heartbroken. He looked at me and asked, “Don’t you know what’s going on?” I was so shaken by his expression I didn’t know how to respond. I replied with what I had heard earlier in the hallway, “Washington is on fire?” He shook his head, said “you don’t get it” and simply walked away. I immediately got my things, went to my next class and watched in horror as I saw planes crashing into buildings with familiar skylines as the backdrop to it all. I clearly did not ‘get it’ minutes before that. In an instant, I did. That day, looking in my coaches eyes, I say what a Patriot was. They don’t all wear uniforms or stand on front lines. Some walk high school hallways. He was one of them. He loved his country and he helped show me how to love her as well. In the days after, we banded together, stood united, extended a helping hand and stood in the gaps for those whose floor dropped out from underneath them in an instant. I hope this day isn’t one our kids just read about in history books and are unmoved by it just as we tend to be unmoved by some historical events. As we reflect today, 19 years after the fact, don’t forgot how many lost much that day. Don’t forget, how the world that we once knew was forever changed. Don’t forget, how we stood united in the face of an enemy that declared war on our freedom. Don’t forget, how we chose to rise up, dust ourselves off and keep fighting. Don’t forget, how proud we all were to fly our American flags. Though this great country of ours is far from perfect, she is great. Let’s put our differences aside today and stand united, just as we did 19 years ago. #neverforget ...

Happy Birthday America. Even with all of the messiness and imperfections, there’s no place greater than the land of the free and home of the brave. Thank you for the freedom you provide. ...

Fresh @cerakote finish for this AR-9 pistol. All done in house @ustrinitycustom of course. #pewpewpew #9mm #9mmpistol #cerakote #gunsofinstagram #gunsdaily #customguns ...

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Come and take it...
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Get up and do something difficult today to honor those that gave everything to secure our freedom. Never Forget. #memorialdayweekend #memorial2020 #neverforget #freedom #thankyouforyourservice #merica ...

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