About Us

our history

U.S. Trinity Custom was originally opened in 2012 as 5 Toes Custom, by John Wayne Walding. From the beginning, our mission has been to build handcrafted firearms that are unique to our customers’ needs and desires. By only utilizing the best parts available, and paying the strictest attention to detail, we have built a reputation of providing some of the most accurate, well-shooting and attractive firearms on the market.

The attention to detail and passion that John started the company with still exists today and can be seen in the most recent models of USTC firearms such as our handcrafted 1911 pistols and are sleek carbon-fiber hunting rifles.

At USTC, we value our customers and the relationships that we have built over the years, and will continue to serve those customers as well as seek to grow our business by offering the most important thing, what our customers want! With new products being released in 2018, following a relocation and the purchasing of new equipment, we are stepping up to the requests of the market by engaging in vertical integration as well as keeping our finger on the pulse of the firearms and competitive shooters market.

our mission

Our mission at U.S. Trinity Custom is to provide you, our customer, with the best possible firearms for your needs. From competitive rifle shooting, to safari hunting, to recreational pistol shooting, we offer a product and service that will help you achieve your goals as a shooting enthusiast.

our shop

When we designed our facility, our goal was to make a workspace that was not only functional and efficient, but where our customers could spend time discussing and designing the firearms of their dreams, and see examples of our work in many different stages. From our rustic themed design area with lighted images of our firearms and products, to our lounge with complimentary coffee, to our walk in vault filled with completed rifles, pistols, shotguns and machine guns, we want our customers to feel welcome in our shop. As a small business with a high security profile, we do request that an appointment be made for each visit in order for us to provide the best possible experience each and every time you visit.

our experts

Sam Statser

Manager, USTC

Born and raised in East Texas, Sam grew up around firearms and the outdoors. He developed a passion for shooting rifles at a young age, and took that with him during his time with the United States Marine Corps as an 0311/Infantryman. After multiple combat deployments, Sam separated from the service and moved back to Texas with his family. Since coming to work for USTC, he has gotten involved in shooting competitively in the Precision Rifle Series, as well as local 3 gun and pistol matches.

Dave Gregor

Gunsmith, USTC

With more than 40 years of experience as a certified gunsmith, including billets as a head armorer for Navy Seal Team Six, the D.O.E. Nuclear Response team and the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, Dave has a vast knowledge of firearms from side-lock shotguns to 1911 pistols to precision rifles to roller-lock machine guns. Dave’s skillset ranges from hand carving wooden stocks, to fabrication of custom parts to machining to the .001″ of an inch, and his passion and skill show in every firearm he creates.

Mark Gregor

Coatings/Finishing, USTC

Growing up in the Gregor household, Mark knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the firearms industry. Coming to work for USTC in 2018, he took over the coatings and finishing department and has continuously worked to develop new techniques and services to better serve our customers. As an avid shooter, Mark recognizes that function is of the utmost importance, but the aesthetics of a firearm cannot be overlooked.

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